When I was a boy in Taiwan, I was seen as a stupid child, I fail in every academic study, slow in learning, lack self confidents because everyone compares me with my siblings, friends, other children performance, so I grow up knowing I was the stupid kid in my world, until one day I went to America. I met my art teacher during my 8th grade, she was an angel to my broken soul, the sunshine of my hopeless world, she was the Janney in my life, she was beautiful, inside and out, I am forever grateful for her being in the right place at the right time.

Run Forest run!…….. Draw Davy draw!…… it is fulfilling when you find your destiny. Just because you can’t make straight A’s doesn’t make a boy worthless, God made me to draw straight line for His glory. 


< 別把鑽石當玻璃珠” Don’t Treat Diamond as Marble”>Forestgumposter