When I think of why we send our kids off to school for 12 years of education, is it because we hope they grow up so they can find a stable job, living a peaceful life,
no sickness, no trouble, getting that perfect 401K?
I grow up in Taiwan, where education is essence of life, the street corner is filled with tutoring class room, and to be number one is the only way to survive here in the competitive world, so no wonder my parents ship me off to the U.S in 1982, and I thank my parents everyday for this decision.
A person value and attitude of life comes from when he or she was a child, Their world tells them what success is, so this define who they are when they grow up, it maybe getting a stable job, contribute to the society, or living a design destiny with purpose from the creator.
As an artist, with each of my creative work, I use my heart and passion, giving my work with unique sparks, then what about this creator who created me and you, how much God value each individual person, He sees every life as His masterpiece, unique, irreplaceable, one of a kind, His precious diamond!
我在美國這33年,我發覺北美的父母親最怕他們小孩長大沒有夢想,沒有各人的理想,活出獨一無二的自己,努力勇敢的做跟別人不一樣的事,每一天用熱情去面對人生的挑戰, 難怪那麼多原素的產業出現在美國,不管是創意,品牌,主流文化都是讓我們贊嘆.
做為一位藝術家,我所創出的每一個做品來,都來自於我的生命與熱情,我對我的創做有它獨一無二的用意,那這創造宇宙的神創造我,衪更是看我和每一個生命都是Masterpiece, 特別,獨一無二的,都是祂的寶貝鑽石!


“..all humans die but few have lived, don’t just exist but lived strong.” Unknown